Breakthrough Insights & Ideas

What is the Problem?

You have been doing traditional Questionnaire-based Market Research (MR) for testing ideas and to take marketing-decisions. But, something is amiss: your ideas/decisions/offers are not giving the expected results. You are wondering why

Your traditional MR is not giving you Insights? You want to change this

What is the Solution?

Traditional Interview-based Market Research has a built-in flaw—‘Consumers don’t think how they feel. They don’t say what they think, and they don’t do what they say’. You need real Insights gained through observations of actions rather than by questioning

Observing the transactions at Point of Sale/Consumption unobtrusively gives unique behavioural insights for existing categories of products and services

What do you Get?

Through immersing ourselves in the happenings at the Point of Sale/Consumption and into Data, we come up with Simple, Breakthrough Insights. These insights lead to Simple, Breakthrough Ideas. Our presentation will also contain video clippings to explain/substantiate the insight

You will wonder why you didn’t use this ‘Immersion’, before…