Sales Induction in the First Week

What is the Problem?

You have high attrition in your internal and external Field Force. So, you have a perennial challenge of getting new joinees up-to-speed. And, in the name of Induction what’s available to you is a slide-deck, now stale! A day or two with her boss, and then a new joinee is on her own! She gets thrown into the deep end, with rudimentary knowledge of her company, category, competition, products, what to do and how to do. And, she continues doing what she has been doing in her earlier Company—unmindful of yours being a different company with a different strategy!

You want to change the way you induct, forever! You want your new joinees to hit-the-ground-running, Fast!

What is the Solution?

You need a Company-specific Way-to-Induct @remote locations too. It should ensure every new joinee in Field Sales learns just what is required to do her job the way your company would like it to be—in the very first week!

What do you Get?

A Company-specific Rapid 7-day Cut-the-Crap e-learning Induction Program of Distilled Wisdom of ~10 Seat hours that covers:

  • My Company Strategy Kit: Market, Co. Objectives, Strategy, Structure, Channels, Competitors
  • My Role Kit: My Role Description, My Way of Working (WoW), My Way of Selling
  • My Sales Kit: My Products & Applications, About My Data Capture Tool (if any)

Once created, the core content has longevity of 10+ years. Additions can always be made

This program can also be used as a Refresher for the existing Field Force. This is one Investment no company with a large sales force can afford to wish away

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