Win + Win Negotiations

What is the Problem?

Your Salespersons are often succumbing to Customers’ demands. Customers claim they are unhappy even after your Salesperson has given away too much! Unable to negotiate better deals, your salespersons are pushing you for more & more discounts. And, the cycle continues. You want to break this cycle

You want your Salesperson Negotiating as an Equal!

What is the Solution?

You are in a chicken & egg situation: Your Customers want to negotiate because your Salespersons have always padded their prices; Your Salespersons want to inflate their quote because they believe the Customer won’t buy unless big discounts are offered! As a result, every Sale is transactional and there’s no real relationship with Customers

You need a Win+Win Way to Negotiate that takes away the transactional nature of  Negotiations, to an enduring partnership

What do you Get?

A Win + Win way to Negotiate where the Negotiation is an engaging conversation rather than a tricky painful encounter. You will get a 1.5-Day Workshop that includes a pre-read, pre-quiz and Roleplays