Distribution/ Go-to-market (GTM) Refresh

(A Winning Sales Policy)

What is the Problem?

Your Sales Strategy is falling apart: A large % of Sales is happening in just a few days and that too with extra incentives. Your Distributor’s Inventory and Market Credit are high. Distributors are losing interest and hunger. Your Sales team has accepted all these as “Market Reality”. You have “Let Sleeping dogs lie” far too long

You do not like the ground slipping from under you. You would rather be a Mover and Shaker rather than bide your time till your next role happens!

What is the Solution?

You need to take a fresh look at your Distribution system and your Sales Policies. Your need to re-create hunger in the Distribution and Sales System

You need a Refreshed Route-to-Market (RTM) that can deliver on your company’s strategy cost-effectively while reducing skewed sales and the need to dump

What do you Get?

  1. The Right Channel Structure: Reach every customer with a sustainable Cost-to-Serve
  2. Role clarity thru’ Proper Sales Org Structure: No Role Overlaps or Gaps
  3. A Robust Sales Policy that enables you to:
    1. Induce hunger in the Trade by balancing ROI in the sweet spot, not too low and not too high
    2. Retain enough profits to be able to spend on brand-building
    3. Level off the Skew and save everyone from the perennial month-end mayhem

Everything you need to Revitalise your Sales & Distribution System