Way of Selling + Way of Coaching

What is the Problem?

You have a large Field Force, direct and indirect. It is calling on lots of Customers, incurring Significant Costs. However, Sales Productivity is not good enough!

You want to Make Every Call Count, Every Call to Yield More Sales!

What is the Solution?

It’s the Last-miler on whom rests the responsibility of making your company’s strategy come alive. All the investments you have made in your factories, brands, supply chain come good only if this Last-miler is able to do a good job!

You need to Equip your Last-miler with a Company-Unique Way of Selling differently and consistently. And, Equip her Supervisor with a Way to Train; and Way to Coach on-the-job

What do you Get?

  1. Your Company-branded Way of Selling in a made-for-you Training Film for the Last-miler
  2. A Train-the-Trainer Program for Supervisors
  3. A Way of Coaching for Supervisors to coach their Last-milers

Make your Company self-sufficient with a simple, sustainable way. You make a one-time investment which makes an External Trainer redundant for years