Sales Team Ways of Working (WoW)

What is the Problem?

You have a Sales hierarchy, but it is not delivering enough! Your Sales Team’s efforts do not seem synchronised, decisions and actions are taken ad-hoc. And, there’s a ‘domino-play’ called follow-up. Questions are being asked as to “What does the Middle Management do?” Is it doing what it should it be doing?

You want to Ensure Your Sales Management Delivers!

What is the Solution?

If the only person selling is the Last-miler, what should the rest of the hierarchy inside the company do? Simple! Remove impediments, free the passage to empower the Last-miler

For this, you need a Company-specific Sales Team Ways of Working (WoW) that aligns the Sales hierarchy to the Last-miler’s needs. And, gives each Role-holder complete clarity on her role and how to go about it to Make Execution happen

What do you Get?

For each Role-holder in the Sales Hierarchy—Sales Head to the Last-miler—the Role Purpose, Deliverables (Effort and Result Measures), Way to Deliver, Role KASH (Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills, Habits), Day-Week-Month-Quarter in the life of the Role-holder, co-ordinated with all other roles. In just a One-pager for each Role!

With a WoW, nobody in Sales can ever again claim he did not know what is expected of him!