• Unhappy with your Team’s Sales Call Quality? You are not alone. Create your Company-Unique Way of Selling + Way of Coaching

  • Pained by 150-slide Market Research PPTs and still no Insight? You are not alone. Ask for Marketing Insights & Ideas

  • Wondering what exactly your Sales Management is doing? You are not alone. Create your Sales Team Ways of Working (WoW)

  • Want your new Recruits to hit the ground running fast? You are not alone. Create your ‘Sales Induction in the First Week’

  • Worried that 50%+ of your Sales happens over just 3-4 days? You are not alone. Do a Sales Policy & Route-to-Market (RTM) Refresh

  • Exasperated that your strategy is being let down by Poor Sales Execution? You are not alone. Simplify Sales Execution through Sales Team Ways of Working (WoW)

  • Is your Sales Team Giving away too much money in Negotiations? You are not alone. Teach them ‘Win + Win Negotiations’

  • Concerned about how to create Hunger among your Channel Partners? You are not alone. Do a Sales Policy & Route-to-Market (RTM) Refresh

  • Bothered that your Automotive Aftermarket Business is not growing Fast enough? You are not alone. Do an Automotive Aftermarket Refresh

eLearning Solutions

At Alchemist Ark, our philosophy is to simplify, so execution happens! This philosophy extends to our eLearning solutions as well.

We deliver simplified, customized eLearning solutions to suit your requirements. We like to reduce the learner’s seat-time and increase the learning experience. We achieve this by chiselling the content to absolutely what is required for the Learner to do her job well.

We believe that the content should be simple enough to understand and reminisce. We have experience of over two decades in delivering outstanding eLearning programs. We have created customized Learning solutions and extensive eLearning courses for the likes of Bajaj Auto, Castrol, Gulf Oil, Mahindra Trucks & Buses, Toyota etc.

Radically Simplify Sales

‘Everyone is connected and no one is in control’ says Thomas Friedman. Sounds like your Company? Your Sales Team?  There is just too much noise and choice distracting us from what one Must Do. What is in real shortage is Attention. So, most people are losing their ability to prioritise. Execution suffers! Growth gets compromised. ‘Execution is the great unaddressed issue in the business world today’, says Ram Charan

So, what does one do? ‘The only way to win in a complex world is throw Simplicity at it, being simple in innovation, execution and in the business model’- D. Shivakumar, ex CEO Pepsico India, Nokia. So, Simplify, shift from the ‘indisciplined pursuit of more to the disciplined pursuit of less’! That’s what we are out to do. We have our patent simple methods to get Insights on what’s working in the marketplace, what’s not, what could, what can’t. We thus Cut the Crap to Let your Team Focus on the Absolutely Essential, in Sales & Distribution.  In Radical Simplification of Sales & Distribution, our talent meets what the world of business badly needs!

What our Clients say

Nagendra Pai
Nagendra PaiPresident, Automotive Lubricants and Allied Businesses, Gulf Oil India
I have known Sreeram & TAA for the last 20 years and can strongly endorse his knowledge and experience in all facets of Sales Management. They intensely collaborated with us leading to co-creation of the Gulf Way of Selling and Working. They immersed themselves into our products, customer processes to get the insiders knowledge and then overlaid their expertise on it. We were extremely satisfied with their work and as a result also engaged them to carry out a similar piece of work for our battery business
Ajay Vaidya
Ajay VaidyaChief Human Resources Officer, Mahyco
It was a pleasure to partner with Sreeram and his team for our Sales Effectiveness program. Unflinchingly reliable, very structured and a tremendous “Can do it for you” attitude! They developed a strong insider knowledge by completely immersing themselves into our ways of doing business, overlaid it with their outsider perspective and delivered an outstanding program for our Sales and Marketing teams. We are very happy with the end result and look forward to a very long relationship.
Naveen Kshatriya
Naveen Kshatriya(Former) Regional VP - Asia & Pacific, Castrol
My association with The Alchemists Ark goes back almost two decades. Their deep understanding of Customer Management principles and Routes to Market, especially for emerging and fragmented markets is world-class. They go beyond building models. They are not just theoretical about their proposals
Sadashiv Pandit
Sadashiv PanditExecutive Chairman, Fleetguard Filters Pvt Ltd.
I remember The Alchemists Ark for their passion for Brands and pushing us at Fleetguard India to think of Brand, Brand Value and Brand Promise. Based on Insights they got from observations in Retail Outlets, they ensured our products stood out on retail shelves and conveyed the product story. It is they who also put our basic Way of Working in retail in place
Atul Joshi
Atul JoshiVP-Human Resources, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd
The Alchemists Ark Team comes across as a very committed team, and works with true partnership spirit. Their commitment is manifested in their planning, deep insighting and delivering to promise with a delight. They put their best to understand the issue hands-on, and come with solutions that focus on improving fundamentals
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar(Former) Global Distributor Business Manager, Castrol
Partnering with “The Alchemists Ark” was a transformative experience for me, it was the only time that I felt here is someone who actually understands our industry better than us- truly insightful, collaborative and a joy to work with
R. K. Ghosh
R. K. Ghosh(Former) VP-Customer Care, Tata Motors
My experience with The Alchemists Ark - I could summarise it thus:1) Very down to earth, 2) Out of the box thinking, 3) Open mind to hear the client’s position & 4) Not biased with past experience with other clients. The above is a result of hands down experience in a leading industry for many years topped up with domain knowledge 
David Hughes
David Hughes(Former) President, Foseco Foundry Business Unit
Foseco engaged The Alchemists Ark (TAA) to support a complete review of the sales strategy and structure. After a period of intense collaboration and dedication from the TAA team, the Solutions Partnering Strategy was borne. Key to the success of the project was the combination of TAA’s external perspective and the depth with which TAA worked to understand our markets, customers, products and organisation culture. I was delighted with the output to the extent that our sister companies in South Africa and China worked with TAA also. Now, fifteen years on, the Solutions Partner Strategy remains one of the best value-based industrial marketing strategies I have encountered
Rahul Chopra
Rahul ChopraSr. VP & Head of Roofing Business, Everest Industries
The Alchemists Ark are the best sales training outfit we have worked with. Their forte is that they do in-depth study and research on the products and market dynamics. Based on the understanding they gain, they customise the program to the needs of the organisation and market. Another important attribute is the understanding the of use of technology to improve effectiveness & efficiency in the market place & The Alchemists Ark Team understands this extremely well. They have added great value to our sales & marketing efforts
Bruce Hall
Bruce Hall(Former) Sales Director, North Europe, Castrol
Our objective was to ensure that each Castrol Distributor Sales Rep, whether in Vietnam or USA, has the same level of training, competence and success. We evaluated several suppliers for their capability development. We found that the solution provided by The Alchemists Ark was by far the best. What that provided for us was a 360 Degree solution in terms of training. We’ve been very happy with the results, and the target is to take it to all the 6,000 DSRs in a modular approach

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