eLearning Offerings

With the advent of various digital solutions in the learning industry such as Instructor-led training, eLearning, mobility, gamification and social learning, choosing the right approach is important

Alchemists Ark is experienced in the world of new age learning. We can give you 20 years of experienced advice on your eLearning project

We have devised ways to:

  • Analyze your problem areas
  • Suggest instructional strategies that meet your project specific needs
  • Deliver learning solutions that are engaging and can be customized according to new industry trends

Radically Simplify Sales

All of Sales is crying to be simplified. There is one Last-miler who sells, and there is a whole hierarchy above which is following up! It can’t go on this way! The Last-miler has to be quick-inducted to hit the ground running; equipped with a Company-unique Way of Selling; Coached by his Supervisor; and supported by the entire hierarchy through a Unique Way of Working. And taught to Negotiate as  equals, if the Selling is B2B

We can do all the above for you. All that a Sales Team needs! Our 30+ years’ experience and expertise in Sales, Distribution and Marketing, as Practitioners and as Consultants, has given us insightful understanding of what is the essence and what is fluff to be cut out. Every output we create is a masterpiece in simplicity that is easily understood, remembered, acted upon and results achieved. Simply! Wouldn’t you want to Radically Simplify Sales?

A Hungry Distribution System

‘Distribution is the Dark Continent’ said Peter Drucker, in 1962. 50+ years later, it still remains so for many Companies! ‘Let Sleeping dogs lie’ is the dictum: but however sick the dog is? Why should a Company live with an Outdated, Legacy System of Distribution and Sales Policies, suffering poor growth?

Many companies have highly Skewed Sales, causing havoc in Manufacturing and Procurement, leading to peaks and trough in Working Capital needs. Ignored under the guise of ‘This is how the market works’. Our insightful work on Distribution tells us this is not market-made but is largely company-created! It is the Company’s own Sales Policies and Incentive Policies that are the root-cause of all the mess

This situation can be changed! There is a way to Revitalize the Distribution System. A fresh look at the Sales Policies and Route-to-Market (RTM) based on Insights from Company Data and from the Point of Sale/ Consumption can help create hunger for growth among Trade, Channel Partners and in the Sales Team. We have a robust, successful method to do this RTM Refresh. Companies in the Automotive After-market have particularly found our methodology invaluable. Wouldn’t you want a Hungry-for-Growth Distribution System?

Breakthrough Marketing Insights

Traditional Market Research (MR) with a 100 questions to ask unsuspecting Prospects and a 150-slide presentation is giving you Insights? Consider yourself lucky!

We have our patent simple methods to get Insights on what’s working in the marketplace, what’s not, what could, what can’t! Through Unobtrusive Observations at the Point of Sales/ Consumption, we come up with Breakthrough Marketing Insights & Ideas. Isn’t this what every Marketer would want?

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