What is our Vision?

Our Vision is to liberate businesses, their employees and their customers from the tyranny of complexity, so that they are free to pursue their dreams

Why do we Exist?

We exist to ensure Growth by Radically Simplifying Sales (Insights, Strategy, Structure, Distribution & Sales Policy, Processes, Learning)

What do we Value most?

We value these 3 most:

  1. Client Success
  2. Simplicity
  3. Doing the right thing

What are our Core Beliefs?

  • Every situation, no matter how complex it initially looks, has an Exceedingly Simple Solution*
  • Every situation can be substantially improved*
  • There is always a win+win Solution*
  • Only a few things really matter
  • People want an engaging life, not an easy life. People are at the Centre of every Change
  •    (* Inspired by Eli Goldratt)

Who do we Work With?

We like to work with Business, Sales and HR Leadership in 2 kinds of companies:

  1. Market Leaders wanting dominance
  2. Challengers wanting to change the status quo

If you are a Mover+Shaker in your company, if you are looking for an alter ego to partner with, you will find us delightful

Who are our Leaders

Raymond Moses

Founding Director of The Alchemists Ark, (2000 Onwards)

He has 35+ years’ experience in Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Training & Consulting. Alumnus of IIT Kanpur (1978-83), HLL (1983-86), Castrol (1986-97)

Chose to go on his own to explore dimensions not explorable in corporates

Raymond is also Co-founder of MoneyWorks4me.com

Sreeram Thiagarajan

Director of The Alchemists Ark, (2001 Onwards)

He has 30+ years’ experience in Sales, Marketing, Training & Consulting. Alumnus of REC Trichy (1979-84), Batliboi (1984-85), IIM Ahmedabad (1985-87), Castrol (1987-01)

Opted out of Corporate life shunning the rat race to pursue his passion for Simplifying Business

Sreeram is also Co-founder of MoneyWorks4me.com

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